Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Thing 19 - Podcasts

I listened to St. Cloud State University Memoirs for School Library Media Episode 10 - interview with Wanda Erickson a School Media Specialist and a Public Librarian. I have listened to podcasts before, most recently when I was all excited about a grant opportunity to have teen gaming in our library. (We didn't get the grant. Bummer.)

Podcast.com is easy to use. I ended up on a listing of Eco podcasts. In the amount of time I felt I should be spending on this, I did not see a podcast that I really had to listen to. Podcast.net wouldn't load. I couldn't get Podcastalley.com to load, either. And I didn't find anything in Yahoo! that I wanted to listen to. I did find a lot of music, rather than podcasts. Ooh, I just searched podcast Abbott and Costello - too bad I am not sitting at a computer with sound! (OK - now I am at a computer with sound. On one site it took a long time to load, but with a different interface it loaded quicker. A "Radio America" podcast loads better from mefeedia.) Education Podcast Network is very organized.

I don't plan to sign-up for any podcasts at this time - as I am typing this I have the Abbott and Costello show playing and they are doing a cigarette ad. Ah, the "good" old days. I am not interested in creating podcasts, but again, this could be something that a teen advisory board could do for promoting books. This should be easier, equipment wise, then doing videos.

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