Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thing 1 - Blogging & registering -23 mobile things (no longer on a stick)

Well, most of my time was spent trying to remember my log in and e-mail address, and which device to use - Android phone or iPad... It will really depend on where I am.  If I work on this at home it will need to be with the phone because that is the only Internet access I have that way.  But, it is much easier to type with the iPad...

Anyway, here is my revival of my original 23 things on a stick blog, and there is the frog on the side panel. Isn't he cute.

I have no idea what the 23 things are yet, so I don't know what to expect, or what I hope to learn.  Perhaps I hope to learn to be less frustrated if I can't something to work in the first 30 seconds.  (Probably not.)  But, I am interested to see what will be coming.  Now, where is thing 2?